Manufacturing Facilities


ST.CH Product Pty Ltd employs the following facilities:

Aluminium Factory

In this facility, we design and assemble all Aluminium works per specifications agreed with our clients.


Our operational staff are skilled and trained to produce quality products in accordance with industry codes and standards (refer to Quality Assurance & Standards page on this site for more information).


All members of staff wear the necessary PPE while on the factory floor.

After the assembly is completed, the finished product passes through our Quality Assurance procedures for verification and clearance. Once that’s completed, the product is shipped to our Powder Coating facility where a new process is started.


Powder Coating Factory


In this facility, we have a rinsing booth to wash and treat the Aluminium with appropriate industry grade chemicals and non-chromium based solutions, and subsequently washed with Deionized water, in preparation for powder coating. Once the batch is ready for Powder, it is transferred into the Spray Booth for Powder Coating, using state of the art GX7500 Ionics spray gun.


On completion of the Powder Coat, the batch is moved to the oven for baking under programmed temperature in accordance with industry standards.

Every batch is tested for compliance with industry practices, such as gloss, adhesion and thickness, before it is carefully wrapped and shipped to the client.

Glazing Factory

In this facility, all glass works are designed and cut according to specifications.


The design, shape and cuts are programmed through a control panel on every machine for every specific job.


Cuts and polishes are done by Programmable machines.