Quality Assurance & Standards


We have Quality Assurance (QA) procedures that are documented and very well understood by all our staff. These procedures are adhered to, and complied with, throughout all phases of each project lifecycle that we undertake, regardless how small the project may be.


Our QA procedures include the following:


  • Project definition and plans.

  • Resource allocation for every project based on Subject Matter Expertise.

  • Scope of Works and Contractual Agreements for every project.

  • Change Control procedures, which cover any change to a Scope of Works or Project Definition.

  • Engineer Certificates produced for every job, where and whenever required.

  • Australian Building Code Compliance.

  • Australian Standards Compliance:-

  • AS 1664.1/.2 (SAA Aluminium Structures Code, aka Aluminium Structures).

  • AS/NZS 1170.0/.1/.2.2002 (structural design actions set and supplements).

  • AS 4055 (wind loads for housing: geographic, terrain, shielding, and topographic).

  • AS 1657 (fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders; design/construction/install).

  • Engineering Standards Compliance, for Structural design and Installations.

  • Work Cover Law and Policy Compliance (Acts & Regulations, Codes of Practice, WHS, Standards).

  • Work Ethics, Employment and Engagement procedures.

  • White Card certification for all staff.

  • Site Induction and Client briefing given to staff prior to engaging in on-site work.